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Newsletter of April 2014




Database on creep and shrinkage of concrete and concrete structures

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Editorial of the RILEM President, Prof. Mark Alexander


Dear RILEM Members, 


We recently completed the signing of two important International Partnership Agreements, one with the Korean Concrete Institute (KCI), and the other with the Indian Concrete Institute (ICI).  I was privileged to attend both ceremonies.


The agreement with KCI was signed on Monday 24 September in Seoul during the meeting of the Asian Concrete Federation.  The President of KCI, Prof Chung Lan, ably assisted by KCI executive members Prof Sang Keun Oh, Dr Thomas Kang, Prof Jongsung Sim, Prof Donguk Choi, Prof Jin-Keun Kim, and Prof Keun Joo Byun, were present at the signing ceremony and provided excellent hospitality.  KCI have over 10 000 members and they are very active in Korea, where it is obvious that the standard of construction is very high.

The ICI agreement was signed in Mumbai, India, on Friday 28 September, the same week as the signing of the KCI agreement!  

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Call for invitation for the 73rd RILEM Annual Week
Dear RILEM member,
You can send to the RILEM Bureau and to the General Secretariat your invitation to organise the 73rd RILEM Annual Week in ...
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Doctoral Position offer
The Structural Maintenance and Safety Laboratory opens a doctoral student position to contribute to a research project funded by the Swiss National Sc ...
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CIGOS 2015 - International Conference on Innovations in construction, 11 - 12 May 2015, ENS Cachan, France
Following the success of the CIGOS-2010 on High-rise Buildings and Underground Structures and the CIGOS-2013 on Construction and Sustainable Developme ...
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ICNF 2015 - 2nd International Conference on Natural Fibers - From Nature to Market

Natural fibers are a renewable resource, par excellence, having been renewed by nature and by humans ...

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NICOM 5 - 5th International Symposium on Nanotechnology in Construction

NICOM symposia were instituted to exchange ideas and results in the field of nanotechnology for cons ...

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HPFRCC-7: 7th RILEM Conference on High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cement Composites

High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cement Composites (HPFRCC) represent ...

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